Your career starts here

Based on a annual commission of $200,000.00 you worked hard to make, you will give away:

$100,000 based on the 50/50 model

$60,000.00 based on the 70/30 model and

$0 based on the 100 percent model !!!

In addition, you receive the following:

  • Commission paid upon closing! (assuming file is complete)

  • The opportunity to be your own boss!

  • No mandatory meetings or floor time!

  • Broker support whenever needed!

  • Docusign allowing you to sign anytime! Anywhere!

·        Only a flat fee of $495.00 for transactions up to $250,000.00

·        $695.00 for transactions over $250,000.00.  That’s it!

·        Quick turn-around on earnings

·        We allow you to truly be your own business person

·        Broker support whenever needed

·        No mandatory floor time or meetings

·        Freedom to negotiate your own commission with your clients

·        Docu-Sign enabling you to sign anytime!anywhere!

·        Empowerment Meetings (non-mandatory)

·        A supportive company culture that cares about you, family and  the overall community!

Empowerment Realty Group realizes the power of continuous improvement. We provide  an online training program that allows  you to take advantage of outstanding training sessions at a time convenient for you!

See the Empowerment Realty Group Courses 

Let’s get you on the pathway to great success through Empowerment Realty Group, a 100 percent Brokerage, where you keep all of your commission.
No hidden fees! No gimmicks!
Only a flat fee for every successful transaction!!!!

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